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This so called breeder ( golden day doodles ) is dishonest and does not supply any vet documentation. She also flips dogs, either buys them from breeders at a cheaper rate because they can't sell them or gets them from shelters. No dogs on site to be seen. I was hoping to see the puppies parents, but was not given a reason why they were not.

Kimberly Betten's web site is

She also goes by Kim Betten

I'm a trusting person but I got only a unprofessional small contract that gave me a 3 day health guarantee which I should of read closer. It stated if I didn't get the dog in to the vet by August 1st, which was 3 days prior to me purchasing the dog, the health guarentee would be null and void. That screws me as I can't get her in by that date. Kim claimed it was based on her first shots which she didnt have or supply me with. She denied this 3 day warrantee on her pups, reality my health guarentee expired in 3 days of purchase and I couldn't get her into a vet. She claims she would extend it, wow....still legally in this contract I would be screwed. How or why would she put that into the contract in the first place without giving me any health or shot recotprds or telling me in person I have 3 days. Kim is very  unprofessional, naive, shady, liar, thief, *** person and a starving breeder that will go to any lengths to get a buck. I paid $1250.00 and for all I know I have a mutt since their no official paperwork from a vet or golden day doodles.

She came up with every excuse in the book and kept changing her stories. Live and learn I guess.

Here's a breeders review that has several others that she pulled the same thing.

I have a feeling that any good reports were made up by her and are fake.

Her website is all made up about her breed and the achievements of one of her dogs winning 200 agility courses. Also, being a Christian person, I'm offended on she smothers that into her website claiming she's of faith, a Christian and the "God Bless" non sense. (coming from such a person )

I'll update this and several other sites as this is only a small portion of what I'm putting up with. She's a very shady person as well. Matter of fact when I was there, she went down her stairs to answer the door in her bi level house and left the baby gate open and her baby that was almost a year old came within a couple of feet of an open gate and I ran over there and grabbed her baby right before she would of tumbled down the stairs. Being careless, reckless comes along with her being shady, a liar and a *** person. She claimed that was my fault since my daughter showed up 10 minutes after me which she knew that she was meeting me at her home. Anyone knows if you are distracted by someone at your door or open your baby gate in any situation you always think safety and always secure your baby gate. I have that in her email, with that logic and lack of common sense, I should report her to child services.

Im a professional person and have bought at least 12 or so dogs throughout my life and always had a package or pamphlet full of information, contract, vet records, food currently on, health of dogs, parents of the puppy,,,etc....but I was hand 1 1/2 pages that were printed off of her printer with her phone number and email scribbled on top of the page.

There are many great breeders out there, if your smart you will avoid Kimberly Betten and so called Golden day doodles. Just read the views and use common sense ! I let myself be a victim by being too trusting of a person. It's not too late for you!!!!

Have a blessed day all.

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